"You have space to do all that you intend to."

To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world

—Freya Stark (via roadlessco)



Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Directors: Terry DrummondAlan MadillBarry Quinn
Copywriter: Matt Hubbard
Art Director: Mike Schonberger
Photography: Todd Mclellan

Source: Ads of the World

gorgeous ad campaign. ~S~

NASA Probes Record Sounds In Space

Despite what you’ve heard, there are actual sounds in space.

Due to the virtual vacuum in space, it’s not sound like you and I experience it (that being waves pulsing through the air), but there are electromagnetic waves that pulsate at the same wavelength as the sound waves we can hear.

Instruments on several NASA probes including Voyager have recorded these waves and translated them into a sound that we can hear, and they are all kinds of spooky.

Earth sounds like a blue whale; Saturn sounds like a murderer.

Had I gone looking for some particular place rather than any place, I’d never have found this spring under the sycamores. Since leaving home, I felt for the first time at rest. Sitting full in the moment, I practiced the god-awful difficulty of just paying attention. It’s a contention of Heat Moon’s—believing as he does any traveler who misses the journey misses about all he’s going to get—that a man becomes his attentions. His observations and curiosity, they make and remake him.

—William Least-Heat Moon, Blue Highways

That lost Game of Thrones episode where Oberyn, Margaery and the Stark girls go to Coachella

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So I couldn’t help but notice that the TV shows Netflix recommends for me feature an inordinate number of CROSSY-ARMED LADIES crossing their arms badassly on their posters. Coincidence…?

For the most part, though, Vaughn says that his job increasingly consists of getting out of Staples way. He credits her with the multiracial look of the people populating their universe. He confesses that he, unfortunately, tends to view white people as the default when creating characters. When he and Staples were discussing Alana’s character design he told Staples that he didn’t want Alana to be a redhead because there is a glut of redheads in science fiction. “Well,” she told him, “she doesn’t have to be white either.”

He also said that Staples’ drawing preferences helped shape the fantasy nature of their space opera. When the two first talked about collaborating on Saga, Staples told him that she preferred not to draw technology. At first, Vaughn that might be a problem in a world filled with spaceships and robots, but then he realized, “This is a world of make-believe bullshit.” Plus, he said, “Wooden rocket ships are way cooler.”